Language and other FAQ

What do I need to play the online game?
Our live video escape room is streamed via Zoom – you can participate using a web browser but we recommend each player downloads the Zoom app in advance, on their computer or phone. It is best if each player uses a separate device – of course they can be in separate buildings. You may also like to have pen and paper to hand!

Time Games will record your game using Zoom cloud storage. This will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Players are not allowed to record games.

Should I arrive early?
Please do join the online meeting early, to chat with your team and to be ready to start your game on time.

How long is the game?
You will have up to an hour to complete the room, with time to chat afterwards.

What language is the game in?
The game is dual language (English and Dutch). The introduction and hints can be in English or Dutch – please indicate your preferred language when booking.

What if someone on the team is late?
If the game starts late we may have to reduce the time available in the room or charge €10 per 15min to extend the booking. Please note however that this is not always possible. You may also reschedule your game, but there will be a 50% charge.

Can children play?
Yes, from 10 years and up. For children 10-12 years old, please select “Children” on the booking form, and we will simplify some of the harder puzzles.

Hints and tips for children
When children are playing, we try as much as possible to let them solve the puzzles by themselves, but if they are stuck or don’t know what to do next, the Games Master can give advice. However we find that usually we only have to indicate where to look and the children solve the puzzles by themselves.

Can I change or cancel my booking?
Yes, you can change or cancel your booking any time up to the day before your booking without charge.
On the day, you can change the number of people, but please give us at least 1h notice, so we can change the setup of your game if necessary.
Please note: if you reschedule or cancel your game on the day there will be a 50% charge.

General rules
We reserve the right to refuse to run the game for any reason, including players being drunk or high, in which case your fee will not be refunded. Abuse will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the video call and/or we will inform the police.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other legal details
We use cookies and other tracking technologies such as website usage, IP address and referring page to improve the website, but this information is not used for adverts and will never be sold.
When you book, your personal information will be stored and used to run the game (including emails and possibly calls/texts). You will also receive occasional emails about future games.
No financial data will be stored by Time Games, however we use Paypal and Mollie (iDeal) as payment service providers who will collect, process & store your financial data. We also share other data with these service providers where necessary.
After the game, you may opt out of emails and have your data deleted by emailing