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An escape room is a type of puzzle game. In some escape rooms the object is to, well, escape, but in Gone Viral the objective is to find the cure for the zombie virus, and in Broken Chain, the object is to find the code to open the secure container at the South Pole. To do that you’ll have to examine the room(s) you see on the screen, pick up any useful objects you find, and, with your team, solve puzzles and work out codes to padlocks
Our game runs in a web browser (we recommend Chrome), and each player will need the game URL. It’s best if each player uses a separate device, but of course you can share. The game was written to run on a computer – it’s possible to play on a phone, but you may have issues clicking and dragging objects. Of course you will still be able to help work out the codes! You will also need to arrange a way for members of your team to communicate, for example on Zoom or Discord. It’s best if everyone uses headphones to avoid sound effects from the game being picked up. You may also like to have pen and paper to hand to take notes, though it’s not necessary.
Most teams complete our games in around an hour, but you will have 72h to complete it, if you need to take a break.
If you try one of our games but, in the first 20 minutes, decide you don't like it, then email us your details and game code and we'll refund you.
Once someone clicks the ‘Start’ button on the white log-in screen, the URL is valid for another 72h, and teammates can join at any time. If you have accidentally started the game and cannot play during the following 72h, please contact us for a new game URL. Issuing a new URL is at our discretion.
Yes, though we advise an age of 10 and up, under adult supervision.
During the game, there are extensive hints available, including the answer to every puzzle, if you're really stuck.
Our games are in English, though as Gone Viral is based on a physical escape room, and we're based in Holland, you may see objects with both English text and a Dutch translation.
You may take screenshots during the game, but please do not share ‘spoilers’ on social media (eg images that could give away codes). Recording games is prohibited.
We use cookies and other tracking technologies such as website usage, IP address and referring page to improve the website, but this information is not used for adverts and will never be sold. When you book, your personal information will be stored and used to run the game (including emails and possibly calls/texts) and for occasional news updates. No financial data will be stored by Time Games, however we use Paypal, Mollie and Stripe as payment service providers who will collect, process & store your financial data. We also share other data with these service providers where necessary. After the game, you may opt out of emails and have your data deleted by emailing