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Family friendly escape rooms in Utrecht

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At the Utrecht zombie research centre, there’s been an accident. One of our researchers has been infected and if we don’t find the cure in an hour, the virus will go viral! It’s up to your team to work out the codes to the security system, open all the locks and find the cure in time!

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Utrecht’s secret nuclear research lab has been robbed! Dr Jaxx has stolen a sample of dysprosium, and is using it for his own experiments. We must get it back! We can disable the alarm for an hour, but it’s up to your team to decipher the clues, crack the locks and recover the stolen dysprosium in time!

Groups of 2-10, minimum age 10

Groups of 8-14, minimum age 10

How are we different to other escape rooms?

  • The game is dual language (Dutch and English)
  • Family friendly – although there are zombie photos and some blood in Gone Viral, it’s not scary – the lights are on and the door is not locked
  • Large groups (6 or more) play in two teams in the same room
  • For children’s games, and for large groups, your host will be in the room with you so help is always available
  • Unlimited hints
  • Full of puzzles – no searching for tiny objects, no repetitive tasks
  • No physical ability required, though you will be standing for an hour and Gone Viral is in the basement of Cafe du Nord, so you will need to take a flight of steps

What do our customers say?

5 star“Great activity for a family, group of friends or colleagues” – Debbie
5 star“Een gezellige vrijgezellen avond” – Martin
5 star“Erg leuk, met uitdagende puzzels” – Anne
5 star“Would recommend it to anyone” – Emily
5 star“It’s awesome!” – Sjoukje
5 star“Beste intro tot nu toe” – Yannick
5 star“Het was ontzettend leuk!” – Laura
5 star“A big plus is that the game offered many types of puzzles” – Daphne