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I’m so glad you found us – we have an urgent mission for you. An incredible and rare resource has been stolen from Utrecht’s secret nuclear lab, and it’s being used for dangerous experiments in a makeshift lab in Lombok. We need a team to go into the lab and recover the stolen Dysprosium, but there’s a catch…

Once we open the door you’ll only have 60 minutes to find the Dysprosium, and we know it’s been hidden behind a series of puzzles. Can you put together a crack team? We can use teams of 2-14 agents, from ages 10-90.

The challenge isn’t easy but if my hunch is right then I think you may have what it takes to help in a matter of utmost National Security.


  • 2-3 players €60 (slightly easier mission)
  • 4-5 players €80 (standard mission)
  • 6-7 players €100 (expanded mission with more puzzles)
  • 8-14 players: €15pp (two teams head-to-head)

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What can you expect from this experience with us?

  • Each scenario is uniquely suited for the size and age of each group.
  • Groups of 8 or more play in two teams head-to-head in the same room. 6 or 7 can either play together, or optionally head-to-head (3 vs 3/4).
  • You will have 60 minutes to complete your mission, plus there will be a brief and debrief, so allow 75 minutes with us.
  • Be prepared to collaborate, communicate and deliberate using various strengths within your team.
  • There will be an agent on site who will be monitoring the situation and may be able to provide some limited assistance.
  • For groups of children (10-12 years), and head-to-head games, our agent will be with you during the mission to assist.
  • We have managed to tap into the lighting and security system and will be able to provide lighting and ensure the door is not locked during your mission.
  • We are a modern agency and can accommodate certain disabilities such as wheelchair use or autism – if you have specific requirements or concerns please get in touch.
  • The game is in both Dutch and English, though the introduction is only in English.
  • Any questions? Perhaps it’s been answered in our FAQ.

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What do our customers say?

Image result for 5 stars“Great activity for a family, group of friends or colleagues” – Debbie
Image result for 5 stars“Een gezellige vrijgezellen avond” – Martin
Image result for 5 stars“Erg leuk, met uitdagende puzzels” – Anne
Image result for 5 stars“Would recommend it to anyone” – Emily
Image result for 5 stars“It’s awesome!” – Sjoukje
Image result for 5 stars“Beste intro tot nu toe” – Yannick
Image result for 5 stars“Het was ontzettend leuk!” – Laura
Image result for 5 stars“A big plus is that the game offered many types of puzzles” – Daphne

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All Escaperooms Nederland