The Lab Escape Room Game

Can you decipher the clues, crack the locks, recover the stolen goods and escape the lab before the alarm turns back on?

A sample of valuable dysprosium metal, used in nuclear fission, has been stolen by Dr Jaxx for his own experiments. We’ve located his lab, but Dr Jaxx has hidden the metal behind a series of puzzles and mental challenges. We can disable the alarm for an hour, but it’s up to your team of up to 14 secret agents to find the metal and get out without getting caught.

How is the Lab different to other escape rooms?

  • Your host will be in the room with you so help is always available
  • Full of puzzles; no searching, no repetitive tasks
  • No physical ability required; no crawling, climbing or running, wheelchair access on request
  • Family friendly; no jump scares, no horror, suitable for 10+ (select the children’s game below – evenings and weekends only)
  • Three options for team size:
    • standard game (€85, suitable for teams of 4-5)
    • expanded game with more puzzles (€110, suitable for teams of 6-7, or experienced players)
    • two teams in a race, side by side in the same room (€15pp, for 8-14 players)

restaurant van de straatDinner and an Escape Room?

Restaurant Van De Straat is offering a special menu with your escape room: starter+dinner+drink+tea/coffee for just €20, or upgrade your drink to a cocktail for just €5!
Please contact us for availability.

Extra slots

If the date you want is not listed below, eg mid-week, we can arrange extra slots. These can be at our office in Lombok (Utrecht) or at a venue of your choice (including homes and offices). Please contact us to discuss possibilities.